Brave New World
A book project that includes 10 illustrations of different scenes.

1. A view of the laboratory in the future world that creates babies in scientific ways. 

2. The helicopter flying over the boarder of civilized world and the suburban place. 

3. Bernard and Lenina first being in the suburban place. They showed surprises on their faces of seeing breastfeeding and old people.

4. Linda was overjoyed of seeing her lover from long time ago. People surrounded are shocked by seeing an old and ugly lady.

5. Lenina is slapped by John

6. Twins showing curiosity while they see Linda is dying on her bed. 

7. John throwing away people's "soma" which create a rebellion.

The polices are rushing in to stop him. 

8. John is whipping himself because of dirty ideas grow in his mind. 

A movie director is filming behind the tree.

9. John is overwhelmed by the crowds who come over to see him after checking out the movie.

10. John hanged himself at the end.

Character Design for Brave New World: John, Linda, Lenina, Bernard.

© 2020 Ying-Chen Angela Huang. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 

Location: New York | Taiwan